Picking the business name is one of the toughest tasks in the startup phase. However, naming the business is more complicated than just simply choosing a clever name for the startup. The general issues concerned with name choice are categorized into two parts:

  • Mandatory requirements set by the government for business name registration
  • Optional registrations which help in providing comprehensive name protection

All the details regarding the laws set by the government can be viewed in the concerned official authority’s website. Also, it’s best if you do a wider search using the non-governmental and governmental sources to check if the name you have chosen has already been taken. All the data could be easily found on various sites and you could visit them to get more information.

Protecting the name

Fictitious or trade name-  If at all you are going to use any name other than your own personal name, then it’s best that you register the same so that none of the other business will choose the same. Also, the registration process will help in avoiding all the legal problems associated with competitors and keeping you from picking a name which sounds similar to the competitor’s name. The registration should be done by filling out a form and paying the small fee.

Incorporating- The process of incorporating includes the business registering the corporate name with the secretary of state where you plan to do business.  After filing the corporate papers, you got the obligation and right to use the name in the state which its filed.

Claim the identity in social media- Another way to protect the name is to claim the identity in social media. However, you can claim a custom URL only if you got stipulated fans or likes for the page. Hence do ask your family and friends to like the page so that you can secure the custom URL.