It is a tightrope we agree!

As organizers of the event and the host, you want to make sure that there is enough gaiety and celebration but at the same time do not want to come across as wasteful as well.

The main underlying idea is to have a gala event with an eye to control unnecessary costs. Curious? Here’s more from us on this:

  1. Cut the frivolity:

How about focussing on a fun content rather than gathering, food and drinks thing? I know this company that found the right balance for their employees get together event by declaring it to be an awards night. The focus immediately shifted to business albeit even in a fun way and at the same time giving the right message to the employees, the management and the shareholders. What better way than a good dose of motivation by appreciating the hard work that is put in by the staff and the management and felicitating them for their achievements!!

  1. Cut down on the wastage on food:

We all know the amount of food and drinks that go wasted after a medium sized or mega-sized corporate event. I agree there are institutions who will take the excess food but it would be a great idea to only limit serving of food to the number of guests expected. Also, the guests must be notified not to be wasteful in view of the fact that there are millions of people worldwide who go to bed hungry; it’s good to fill your plate only so much that you can complete.

  1. Source local and what is in a season:

We know how much more it costs to procure nonseasonal fruits and vegetables. So, cut them down and try to source the ingredients from the food locally. Doing this will ensure two things; one that you can cut down on the cost drastically and second is that you are creating smaller carbon footprints.

Look this is not complicated at all. All you need is creativity and Tadaa!