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Connect Near North offers a number of platforms to inform an active global audience of designers about your event, competition, organization etc. and hosts a job board catering specifically for a broad range of highly specialized designers. To learn more about how we can assist you with your endeavors, download our media kit on the advertising page or send your proposal.

The Connect Near North is an international, web-based community of designers and design enthusiasts seeking news, trends and opportunities. Our visitors practice in multiple disciplines, with a concentration on industrial design, design management, graphic design, interactive design and user experience.

For the past 18 years we have worked with many of the world’s most respected companies and brands, helping them connect with our highly engaged audience of designers. We use the web as a platform to build awareness and anticipation, and use multiple points of human interaction to make real-world connections on many levels.

Network Traffic

•  11 million+ monthly page views
•  Over 1.5 million unique monthly visitors
•  90,000+ RSS feed subscribers
•  Over 280,000 designers’ portfolios on Coroflot
•  Over 5,000 registered design firms
•  Over 24,000 newsletter subscribers
•  Over 71,000 Twitter followers
•  Over 51,000 Facebook fans


•  Industry related blogs and articles updated daily
•  Frequently updated calendar of international design events
•  Global design firm database with comprehensive search features
•  Annual designer salary survey and results
•  Free designer portfolio
•  Open discussion forums
•  Live events hosted regularly around the world

Advertising on Connect Near North

Our audience is tech-savvy and hungry for knowledge about the latest products, materials and events. The discussion forums are one of the liveliest areas on our site, and a true watershed of contemporary design discourse.

Our extensive calendar of events is a must-read for anyone wanting to keep abreast of design competitions, conferences, classes, exhibitions and more. The coverage of special events and competition results ensure a continual flow of traffic throughout our site.

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