What is the difference between graphic design and advertising design? Get the Answers

What is the difference between graphic design and advertising design? Get the Answers

Graphic design happens to be the art of combining graphics and text and communicating an effective message in the design of logos, graphics, brochures, posters, fact sheets, signs, and other types of visual communication.

One must understand the difference between graphic design and advertising design.

The designer is an accessible professional who is open to suggestions and to collaborate with the client, account executive, writers, strategists and even other graphic designers.

Advertising is essentially a communication activity, which is part of the process and communication system and aims to promote the sale of an item, product or service; to foster an idea or achieve any other effect that the advertiser wants to achieve.

Business goals appear or not. Whether or not a message is advertising does not depend on who the sender is, it can be a multinational, an SME, the public administration, a political party, an NGO, even a single individual.

Nor is it decisive that the goal is to sell products or get customers, it can be a campaign that seeks to avoid consumption or promote the change of certain social behaviors.

advertising design

Graphic design is essential for successful advertising, each day more, in which the variety of stimuli and communication technologies grows.

Not for nothing does the design appear specialized in different areas (multimedia, industrial, technological, etc. in addition to the traditional ones).

Advertising Design and Graphic Design tend to confuse these two types of design. What is their difference?

The general practitioner knows in general while a specialist gives you a more specific concept about a certain area. The same goes for a graphic designer and an expert in advertising design.

Main differences between graphic and advertising design

Graphic design

Focused on the realization of graphic pieces, choose appropriate combinations between text and illustrations and other elements to convey an idea.

The Freelance Designer will generally handle these concepts, by making designs that look attractive and noticeable to the viewer.

Graphic design is a profession that aims to visually capture creative concepts. A graphic designer is an essential profile to create the image of a company or organization and provide creativity and effectiveness to a message.

Advertising Graphic Design

Based on the advertising and corporate identity of a client, the Freelance Designer aims to attract a certain number of people who are interested in the brand or to acquire the services of a company.

For that you can count on the services of a market specialist (Marketing graduates) who will make a report on the interests of this population and will provide us with the way in which the service or product that we are selling will be disclosed.

With this information available, the Freelance Designer is responsible for identifying consumers with your brand or company.

Sensitize a certain population about a need, establishing a relationship through advertising between client and company. Choose before opting for graphic design vs advertising design services.

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